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Smart Pro - the programmable electrical Actuator

With Modbus and optional Wi-Fi

Smart Pro Actuator


Diamant / Compact / Universal Smart are the new multifunction rotative actuators designed and manufactured for the industrial sector.

Thanks to the use of stepper motors managed by the latest generation electronic control and to the closed regulation loop, detecting the real position through a potentiometer, the Smart Pro range guarantees high standards of accuracy in positioning and reliability over time, essential elements for an excellent regulation technique.

Programming of the actuator via APP (Wifi) or Modbus


  • 2- & 3-positions control
  • 0-10V, 2-10V, 0-20mA or 4-20mA position control
  • PWM1, PWM2

Operating times

  • 15 sec., 30 sec., 60 sec. or 120 sec.


  • Command reverse
  • Dead band correction
  • Operating angle correction
  • Heating resistance activation


  • Operating parameters

The possibility of equipping the actuators with the Fail-Safe module allows the ball valve to make a closing manoeuvring in case of power failure: a series of super-capacitors stores the sufficient energy to carry out the safety manoeuvre when the power supply is missing.

Thanks to the Wi-Fi connection module, it is possible to access to all functions of the actuator (type of command, operating speed, rotation angles, etc.), to view its status (position reached, internal temperature, working time, etc.) and to carry out diagnostics in case of errors or anomalies.

Modbus is the most used communication protocol today in the process industry with the widest acceptance and the highest number of applied systems of any automation protocol.

The Modbus versions of the Smart Pro range allow to be connected to a 2-wire RS485 network for the direct communication to a PLC or to a BMS, using the Modbus RTU protocol. It is therefore possible to monitor and control the connected actuators in a simple and safe way.

The SMART PRO range of actuators is available in 11Nm, 22Nm and 40 Nm versions with 12V / 24V AC-DC and 85… 240V AC power supply, all equipped with manual emergency override and IP67 electrical protection, and can be combined both with Comparato connection and ISO 5211 connection ball valves.