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Diamix & Compamix series - Electric ball valves as automatic mixing systems - IP 67

PN 3,5 - 25, Ø 15 - 50

3 years warranty on the motor

 Diamix Pro - 3 way mixing system
Compamix - 3 way mixing system
 Diamix Pro - ISO 5211 - 3 way mixing system
 3 year warranty


The control valves of the Diamix and Compamix series are used as automatic control systems for heating or cooling systems. The integrated electronics regulate the mixing ratio of the hot and cold water supply using the external sensor values. The setpoint value, set using the interface on the control head, is regulated with a precision of +/- 1°C with an adjustment range from -15°C to 85°C.

To protect against legionella, these systems offer adjustable special programs (Diamix L and Compamix L).

The Diamix PR and Compamix PR series also integrate weather compensation, summer and winter changes, and complete system management. An anti-condensation heater is installed in these series.

The systems are available in 230V 50/60Hz or 24V 50Hz and in orifice sizes from G ¾ "to G 2". Protection class IP 67 offers a wide range of applications, in addition to heating, solar and house systems, also for industrial applications. The actuators of the series are also available with ISO 5211 connection.