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2017-11-21 : Miniature valves with SMA actuators

The demands placed on fluid systems increasingly move towards miniaturization. With a width of just 4 mm, a height of 18.4 mm and a length of 19 mm, Takasago Fluidics presents a new micro valve for this purpose. Weighing only one gram and consuming less than 0.3 W, these valves are perfect for miniature systems and mobile applications. The low power consumption at a duty cycle of 100% results in negligible self-heating, which has a positive effect on typical analytical & medical applications as neither the environment nor the medium warms up. 

These extraordinary features are made possible by the use of a memory metal as actuator, which can be controlled with 250mA. Due to its internal design, this micro valve series eliminates the typical metal-to-metal noise of solenoid valves. The switching process is nearly noiseless, which opens up new possibilities for the use in patient-oriented applications (point-of-care) and also in laboratory equipment (point-of-use).

The models already available, made of the wetted materials PPS, FPM and EPDM, are now extended with versions made of PEEK and FFKM. For this reason the valves meet the high chemical requirements for many laboratory applications.

With orifice diameters of 0.4 or 0.8 mm and hose or O-ring port connections for valve terminals, these valves can be easily integrated in compact modules with media-separated solenoid valves of larger orifice diameters or in combination with micropumps. The low price and small dimensions open up new opportunities for device manufacturers to miniaturize applications. BMT Fluid Control Solutions GmbH combines its know-how with its partners and supports the conception, implementation and series production of individual customer solutions.