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Electric ball valves for domestic, heating, solar & industrial installations

The series Sintesi, Diamant, Compact & Universal electric ball valves are available in different versions. Whether as 2-way, 3-way, with bypass or with regulating disc for a linear flow, the application possibilities are very diverse. The Sintesi SMART actuator is a new actuator for regulation via proportional voltage or current control, which is especially suitable for modern cooling and heating systems. In 24V AC/DC and 230V AC versions, these electric actuators for ball valves offer extremely precise and reliable control options.

Product overview

Main field of application

Protection class actuator


High-quality motors - the reliable solution

Options electric ball valves

A sophisticated design characterises the All in One actuators, which can be used for 2-point control (2P - On/Off) and 3-point control (3P - Regulation). The industrial actuators have an IP67 rating of protection and are made of a special polymer, which is particularly robust. The high-quality actuators offer a high reliability with a warranty of 3 to 6 years (depending on the model). The performances of the various electric actuators are subdivided as follows:

  • Sintesi: 8 Nm
  • Diamant 200 & Diamant Pro: 11 Nm
  • Compact Pro: 22 Nm
  • Universal Pro: 40 Nm


The actuators are available with various operating times (e.g. 4 seconds for 90° or 320 seconds for 90°) and many options, such as optical position indicator, manual override, up to two additional limit switches or anti-condensation heating. A compact design, low-noise and maintenance-free operation rounds off the actuators developed with over 50 years of experience.

Large selection of ball valves for electric actuators

Valve bodies made of brass, stainless steel and plastic enable the use in a wide range of industrial applications. ISO 5211 Port Connection options at the actuators allow the motors to be used on their own valve bodies. Versions with spacer for thermal insulation and manual opening with motor decoupling are also available. The specially offered valve bodies always have full passage for maximum flow with minimum resistance. In addition to the standard ball valves with L-port for shutting off the fluid line, versions with T-port are also available, which are particularly suitable for mixing two fluids. PTFE seals on both sides allow any flow direction, so that the products are bidirectional.

Examples of electric ball valves

Automatic control valves, modules & heat distributors for heating systems

electric ball valves systems

The mixing and heat control valves of the Diamix Pro, Compamix Pro and Unimix Pro series add automatic control systems to the range of electric ball valves. The temperature measured by external sensors is automatically regulated by these valves with a precision of +/- 1°C. They allow a setting range from -15°C to +85°C. The temperature of the ball valve can be adjusted by the control unit. Special programs for legionella protection are also integrated.

With the Diamant Crono Pro, Compact Crono Pro and Universal Crono Pro ball valves, an automatic shut-off or diversion of a liquid after an adjustable time can be implemented.

With heat distributors and complete modules, ready-made solutions for heating installation are offered.