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Diamant & Compact Crono series - Electric ball valves with timer function - IP 67

The actuators of the series are also available with ISO 5211 connection

3 years warranty on the motor

Diamant Crono - actuator with timer function
 Compact Crono - actuator with timer function - ISO 5211
 3 year warranty


The two series Diamix Crono and Compact Crono offer automatic actuators with time-controlled functions. The integrated timer is available either as a daily or weekly timer and offers seven different daily or weekly intervals for programming, depending on the version.

The operating times for the Diamix Crono series are 35 seconds for 90° with 11 Nm and for the Compact Crono for 45 seconds for 90° with 22 Nm. On request, the Diamix Crono can also be offered with an operating time of 108 seconds for 90°.

The actuators are available in 230V 50/60Hz or 24V 50Hz. Protection class IP 67 offers a wide range of applications, for example for time-controlled mixing or draining in systems or industrial applications. The ISO 5211 connections allow a diverse selection of standardized ball valves. An overview of the standard ball valves can be found in the standard ball valves of the Diamant Pro und Compact Pro series.