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Industrial solenoid valves with diaphragm

Solenoid valves with diaphragms are specially developed for the beverage or cleaning industry. Large nominal widths with low maximum differential pressure and the separation between the inner parts of the valve and the medium by a diaphragm are typical.

Product overview


Diaphragm solenoid valve 3/8"

Diaphragm solenoid valve 3/8 inch
  • 3/8"
  • Orifice diameters 11mm
  • Pressure range: until 0.3bar (0.2bar in DC)
  • 2/2-Ways normally closed

Solenoid valve for beverage industry

Solenoid valve for beverage industry
  • Connections: Quick connectionn hose barbs, G1/4"
  • Materials: Brass, natural hostaform, natural polysulphone
  • Media temperature up to 130°C